Digital Imaging Technician

What is it, and what can it do for you? Sure we can back up your footage and make sure it gets to post safely, but a trained DIT is so much more than that.

  • High speed workstations provide fast transcodes for editorial.
  • Protect and manage digital footage to ensure safe delivery to post
  • Precision OLED monitors and dedicated video scopes can be used to monitor exposure and color on set.
  • Create and manage CDLs and LUTs to start the grade on set
  • Colored and sound synced dailies made available on set to multiple departments
  • Custom Metadata management and burn ins
  • On location troubleshooting of digital camera systems and workflows
  • Video routing for multiple cameras and monitors

On Set Color

Create and manage non-destructive, 32 point 3D LUTs on set to begin the color grading process live as you shoot. By doing this you can begin to get client approval for your project while simultaneously insuring that your lighting and exposure work to give you the highest quality image possible. These LUTs can then be burned into dailies for department heads to refer to, as well as transcodes for editorial to convey style and intent. The best part is this leave all the raw files completely untouched. When moving into post colorists can access these LUTs to see exactly what you saw, and what was approved by your client, to start the communication process and greatly speed up final color.

Protect your Data

Your footage is valuable. Each day of shooting brings multiple creative professionals together to create your vision. Between crew, equipment, locations, and talent a single day of shooting can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Don't trust your precious footage to just anyone. Using Industry standard verifications and fast raid systems we can ensure that your data is quickly and safely backed up and your investment is protected. 

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